Tuesday, 17 September 2013

idl6.2 gives Segmentation fault under ubuntu

When executing routines such as tvframe using idl6.2 under ubuntu gives a segmentation fault.

The tip from fanning consultation for resolving this can be found here

One resolution is to down load and unpackage the libX11-6_1.0.3-6_i386.deb file.

This file can be downloaded from

From the directory from which you will run idl extract the .deb file
using the command

dpkg-deb -x libx11-6_1.0.3-6_i386.deb

Next add the following line to the .bashrc file

export LD_PRELOAD_PATH=/my/private/lib

for tcsh (using .tcshrc )

setenv LD_PRELOAD_PATH /my/private/lib

Here is a quote from another forum which makes the point

"this my/lib.... has to changed with the path where you put old libX11.so file. For example I am using fedora7 with bash and I put old libX11 file under /home/orek then I add export LD_PRELOAD_PATH=/home/orek line in my .bashrc file.
After modifying .bashrc open new terminal window and run seadas. The trick here is run seadas under the same path, like if you put the libX11 under /home/orek you should run seadas from /home/orek then you may change the working from seadas easily if you like. If you do not have old linX11.so file I can send you via email it is 1 mb file. For editing .bashrc file you may use gedit or other text editors present in Linux.."

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